Tuesday, March 23, 2010

35. Chee Tong Temple 慈忠坛 (Ci Zhong Tan)

Located in the HDB estate at 62 Hougang Ave 3 (near to blk.248), this is probably the only most contemporary Chinese temple in Singapore. A temple dedicated to the three main deities - Huang Lao Xian Shi 黄老仙师, Da Sheng Fo Zu 大圣佛祖 and Tai Shang Lao Jun 太上老君, it was built in 1987, designed by the team of Akitectenggara - Mr. Tay Kheng Soon, Mr.Ho Kwon Cjan and Mr. Patrick Chia.

It was designed in close consultation with one of the Deities of the temple, through his medium in trance (according to this document at Archnet. At every stage of the designed, the medium in trance was consulted, through an interpreter.

This temple still has consultation services every Tuesday and Saturday evenings from 8pm. I understand that the Deity giving consultation is Huang Lao Xian Shi.

Some information about the temple events:

Da Sheng Fo Zu:  8M16 (16th of 8th lunar month)
Tai Shang Lao Jun: 7M01
Huang Lao Xian Shi: 6M06

Anniversary celebrations:
Chee Tong Temple (Ci Zhong Tan): 4M18
China Temple (Sichuan) : 9M18
Quarterly Blessings:
1st Day, Chinese New Year
1st Day 4th Lunar Month
1st Day 7th Lunar Month
1st Day 10th Lunar Month
The Address:
Singapore Chee Tong Temple
62 Hougang Ave 3
Singapore 538844
Tel: 62833867


Anonymous said...

This temple used to be located on Bukit Timah Road, just across from ACS. It was housed in an old colonial-style building.

Unknown said...

I am a student of Wong Loh Sin See in the United states I live in Memphis Tennessee.
Happy New Year

chinatownboy said...

Welcome to this site. Do you have a website of your temple or other similar temples in United States?