Thursday, September 03, 2009

Chinese Temples 庙宇文化 Book 3 is out!

The third volume of Chinese Temples in Singapore, Miao Yu Wen Hua 庙宇文化, has been released and are available at most newspaper stand.


Anonymous said...

Is there any English book on Chinese temples and deities available that you would recommend? I am interested in learning about the different deities and symbology in Taoism. Thanks.

chinatownboy said...

There is a reprint of the "Chinese Temples in Singapore" by Leon Comber (first printed in 1958) under a compilation with the book title as "Through the Bamboo Windows".

There is also an email forum (in English) discussing about temples and deities at

Anonymous said...

Hi Chinatown boy,

Do you still visit temples? I just dropped by the temple behind Ccentrepoint. Had a good time remising with the folks there about the good old days when next door was Cuppage Centre and we rode trishaws home. I enjoy your blog - it's like a trip down memory lane...

chinatownboy said...

Yes, I still do. But I have yet to post more here, which I should be doing. (^^)

Thanks for sharing. Yes, I have been to this temple only once. I must go there to take a few more pictures and perhaps, learn a little more from the resident folks there.

If you like, please share with us at my other email list at

Members of the list would love to learn more about temples in Singapore.