Friday, June 26, 2009

31. Shuang Lin Cheng Huang Miao 双林城隍庙

If you go in by the main entrance to the well known Shuang Lin Si, you would have notice this rather old looking temple near to the gate.

According to the notice in the temple, this temple was built in the 29th year of the reign of Emperor Guan Xi, 1903. This temple could be one of the oldest if not the oldest Cheng Huang (City God) temple in Singapore.

Inside the temple building was just one huge hall with a high ceiling. It is possible that the Deities could have been added in this temple over time. Some of the statues could be very old from the look of the sculpture, and yet some of them looked rather new. Many of the statues of the Deities have their names placed in front of them, thus, making easy identification.

This temple has a pair of unique lion statues that seem to be laughing all the time. And there is also a pair of horses that looked almost comical with the pakchoy and carrot placed on their heads. To the devotees, it mean something to them.

On the right hand side of the temple, as you walk in, you will find the famous Tiger God. In this temple, there is someone who offers services for any devotee who want to have special rituals conducted with respect to the Tiger God. It is said that if one has back-stabbers (probably in business or workplace), one could come to seek protection from the Tiger God.

From morning to evening, this temple is never short of devotees, who come, offer their prayers, and leave, each at his or her own time and pace.


RoseBelle said...

This is really great. A blog dedicated to writing about temples in different countries. It's very resourceful for people who may be interested in touring these temples from other countries.

Anonymous said...

may i know what is the address of this temple?

Anonymous said...

184 Jalan Toa Payoh, Singapore 319944