Saturday, March 04, 2006

Fire Dragon 火龙 at Man San Fu Tat Chi 万山福德祠

The Fire Dragon 火龙 is another form of the more commonly seen and known Dragon, which is usually made of cloth material. The Fire Dragon (Huo Long) is made from straws from the padi (also known as Straw Dragon or Tau Chao Long 槄草龙). In Singapore, it is said that only the Man San Fu Tat Chi 万山福德祠 (or Wan Shan Fu De Ci in Mandarin) in the Sar Kong (Sha Guang 沙冈) village - which is now just recognised as Sims Drive - has this Fire Dragon as part of its traditional temple event.

It is in fact quite rare to see such a dragon and the performance with this dragon. So, it was fortunate for me to be able to witness this interesting event. I think we can say that this is a Cantonese tradition. This year, on the 2nd of 2nd Lunar Month, the temple celebrates the birthday of Tu Di Ye Ye with this Fire Dragon, 6 lions and a three-day Cantonese Opera from Hongkong.

Some 3 months before this date, the only expert in Singapore started making the Fire Dragon with padi straws imported from China. He had to make parts of the body hard with these straws to allow sticking of the bigger than usual joss-sticks, and flexible ones to link between sections of the body. The head and the tail are probably the more difficult ones. It is another form of art. And for the performers, this would still be slightly different compared to the normal dragon.

The event started with temple members and devotees lighting the big joss sticks and stick them firmly onto the head, body and tail of the dragon. The 88 metre long dragon must have had hundreds of joss sticks stuck in its body. There was also the pearl ball which is also stuck with joss sticks.

After the ceremonly of bringing the dragon to "alive" by marking the vital parts of its body by the guest of honour, the dragon came alive. Under the able hands of the leader and troupe members, it was awesome the way the dragon floated in the air, twirling and swirling in the tight courtyard. On the dim road the dragon radiated its lights from each and everyone of the joss sticks stuck on it and the smoke gave an impression of the dragon cruising amongst the clouds. The occasional rubbing of the body gave rise to "sparks" adding on to the sparkles of the dragon.

After a walk along the "kampung" (village), the dragon came back to the temple and after paying its final respect to the Deities, was put to rest outside the temple. Here, they waited and let the joss sticks bring flame to the dragon, sending it off to the heavens with all the ills posted by the devotees. Indeed, over half an hour or so, the dragon was engulfed with flames and to the cheers of "Huat ah, huat ah", the smokes went up as the ashes fell down. An event that not many Singaporeans are even aware of. (^^)


Kit said...

Hi! I am interested to find out when I can catch the fire dragon ritual?

chinatownboy said...

I am not sure, but may need to check if they are planning a similar event on 2M2 (Lunar Calendar) - 9Mar08 - the celebration in honour of Tua Pek Kong.

chinatownboy said...

Hi Kit,
This Sunday, they will have the Fire Dragon! At 6.30pm. Be early to see the whole process.

Webmaster said...

hi hi, this coming 10th Jan @ 2pm sharp we will be eye-dotting another Fire- Dragon for Chingay 2009..pls do come down if u wanted to view the dragon again... taking of pics all r welcome.... :)

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