Friday, March 10, 2006

Book: Ritual is Theatre, Theatre is Ritual

This book: Ritual is Theatre, Theatre is Ritual: Tang-ki: Chinese Spirit Medium Worship by Margaret Chan is probably the first English edition book on Tang-ki worship in modern day Singapore. This book is also a Tangki Worship 101 for many who might have witnessed numerous such events in Singapore and yet have no idea on what they were all about.

This book is both for those "inside" and those "outside". Many Singaporeans probably have a hard time explaining to their foreign friends about this interesting and colourship worship. Tang-ki worship is also very much an oral tradition, where knowledge is passed down from grandparents to grandchildren, and much detailed information has been lost. So, this book is certainly timely, especially for present day kids and adults alike who are asking to understand and know more about what their grandparents and parents have been and are worshipping.

Certainly a good guide book for one to read before and after attending a temple event where there are tang-kis (spirit mediums). This book is now available in all major bookstores in Singapore.

Ritual is Theatre, Theatre is Ritual
Tang-ki: The Chinese Spirit Medium Worship
By Margaret Chan

Published by
Wee Kim Wee Centre
Singapore Management University& SNP International

ISBN : 981-248-115-X
Bookshop Price: S$39.90

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