Thursday, November 17, 2005

16. Poh An Keng 保安宫

This temple was consecrated in 2004, a temple dedicated to the five Monkey Gods. Unknown to many, this temple was originally in a old pre-war shophouse at Peck Seah Street, diagonally across from the Seng Wong Beo. This temple was already there in the 1950s.

Since it moved out from Peck Seah St, it has gone to more than one or two places before finally settling into this new temple building, shared with two other temples. Thanks to a generous benefactor, who wanted to repay the kindness of the Monkey God, the medium and temple who help his mother and family when they were poor, this new grand temple was possible.

The medium then was the grandfather of the current medium.

This temple is along Tampines Road.

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