Sunday, October 23, 2005

13. Geok Hong Tian 玉皇殿

Geok Hong Tian (Hokkien) or Yu Huang Dian  玉皇殿 was built in 1887. It was also known to the local Hokkiens as Ti Kong Tua (Tian Gong Tan 天公坛). This temple has seen much changes around it, from attap houses and slums to HDB flats, offices and even hotels in its neighbourhood. Despite the changes in its surroundings, it continues to be reverred as a very important temple to the local Taoists.

Many temples or sintuas, on their celebration days, would travel to this temple to seek the "command" from the Jade Emperor. On the eve of the 9th day of the Chinese Lunar New Year (1st Lunar Month) - the birthday of the Jade Emperor, this temple is one place where many Taoist devotees would come to pay their respects.


Anonymous said...

Hi, Can I have the address of this temple ? thank you!!

chinatownboy said...

It is along Havelock Road, nearer to Zion Rd. I must go and check out the actual address. Thanks for asking.

The map showing the location: