Thursday, October 13, 2005

11. Loyang Tua Pek Kong Temple洛陽大伯公宫

More popularly known by its Hokkien name, this is the Loyang Da Bo Gong. Situated at a remote beach off Loyang Way, this temple had a very humble beginning. It was said that someone found some statues washed to the shore and he decided to make a small shrine for it. There was also statues of the Hindu God. As time passed by, the number of devotees to this shrine grew. And so the little shrine became a bigger temple. Soon, devotees from across the causeway also came to pray in this temple.

This temple is unique in that in this complex, there is the Tua Pek Kong Temple (with other Deities as well) and a Natoh Kong, and a Hindu Temple, where Ganesha is one of the main Deities. The three temples within the complex had a harmonious setup. Most devotees coming to this temple would pay their respects to all the Deities in the three temples.

It has become one of the focal points for visiting mediums from other temples when they have celebrations and have "yew keng" (Procession).

This temple complex has to give way to development and it is raising funds to build a new and grander building. All the three temples will be continued to be housed in the new complex. The view of the sea and the current ambience might be changed forever.

Festivals: 1st and 2nd of 2nd Chinese Lunar Month, 16th to 18th of 12th Chinese Lunar Month.

Address: 62G Loyang Way, Singapore 508772
Tel: 63636633


Edmund Tai said...

can you post all your events so that we can know when to come to pray for example this coming 21Nov to 21Dec to bring 5 oranges 1 bottle of oil and an ang pow to pray for paying back what we owe the god.

cecelia said...

When is the Year 2008 zodiac be out.

Thnks & Rgds

Anonymous said...

What are the buses that I can take to go to the loyang tua pak gong temple??


chinatownboy said...

Thanks to my friend Aaron, here are the buses going there:

6 From Pasir Ris Interchange(limited svcs)
9 From Tampines Interchange
19 From Bedok Interchange
59 From Bishan Interchange
89 From Hougang Interchange
109 From Serangoon Interchange

Anonymous said...

SO Useful!
I now know where to GO!

If can, please do more on the correct way of praying.
Like how to pray to the tiger god, what types of incense paper.
Do's and don'ts while praying.

I think young ppl nowadays wanna pray also dunno how...

I am 27 and I pray to Kwan Im & Tua Pek GONG!

They help me with my career and health and family!

Anonymous said...

Can I buy the tuapekong pendant at loyang temple ???