Monday, May 18, 2009

29. Guan Hock Dian 圆福殿 (Yuan Fu Dian)

Also known as Tua Kang Lai Temple (because it is near to a canal), this 100+ year old temple is now the witness to the rapidly evolving Singapore, in a sea of modern terrace houses and tall condominiums. In its days, it was surrounded by attap houses where most of the villagers were said to come from a same area in AngKuei (Anxi) in China. Most of them have the Chua (Cai) surname.

The main Deity of this temple is Dang Kong Jin Lin 董公真人(Dong Gong Zhen Ren). This Deity, from the statue and a framed drawing, looks like a Buddhist monk. This temple was the centre of worship to the village in the old days and is said to be well known as far as Jurong and Changi. With the support of villagers and devotees, the temple was rebuilt and renovated many times to what it is today. The soggy ground during rainy days were concretised. This is probably the only temple in Singapore with the most well kept (and renovated) permanent opera stage.

There are five Deities on the main altar, and Guan Yin on the side. The five deities are: Xie Tian Da Di 协天大帝 (Guan Gong), Wu Gu Zhen Xian 五谷真仙, Fu Xi Xian Di 茯羲仙帝, Fan Hou Xian Shi 范侯仙师, and Dong Gong Zhen Ren 董公真人. Will need Bro Jave to enlighten us more about the deities, especially Fu Xi Xian Di, Fan Hou Xian Shi and Dong Gong Zhen Ren.

The temple festive dates are:

5M08 & 08: In honour of Xie Tian Da Di 协天大帝

8M08 & 09: In honour of Wu Gu Zhen Xian 五谷真仙, Fu Xi Xian Di 茯羲仙帝, Fan Hou Xian Shi 范侯仙师

11M09 & 10: In honour of Dong Gong Zhen Ren 董公真人

The Location:
Guan Hock Dian 圆福殿
Yuan Fu Dian
Tua Kang Lai Temple
14 Jalan Kabaya
tel: 64667423


Anna said...

Hi Chinatown boy,

I can't believe that I actually got a google account just to leave a comment here... but yap, thanks for the good work! I live in town when I was young, near River Valley, so yah, I can identify with some of the stuff you write about. Do visit some more temples! I sometimes pass by them and thought of doing the same as you, but sad to say, no time and no peseverance. I'm not a Taoist though, I'm actual a Buddhist but sometimes wherever I work, I try and find a temple to worship Guanyin Pusa during lunch time. So your blog's pretty helpful. Thanks once again!

chinatownboy said...

Hi Anna,
Apologies. Did not realise that it was set this way that anyone who wants to comment must have a google account. (^^)
I am sure that you will be able to find Guanyun Pusa in most Chinese temples. Here I try to document the Chinese temples in Singapore and to create awareness of our rich local heritage.
Thanks for dropping by.