Monday, March 30, 2009

27. Long Shan Gong 龍山宫

A very simple temple nested in the valley surrounded by condos, this little temple lives to tell of its old days and its contributions to the village in this valley. This temple is dedicated to Oon Kim Lau Hu Dai Lin (Wen Jin Liu Fu Da Ren), the patron deities of the Lim Clan.

This temple has a 100 year old history and is linked to its mother temple in Angkuei (Anxi), China. This temple was built sometime at this place at Lorong Puntong in the 1980s, after the piece of land, on which this temple stands, was offered back to the temple after development of the area was completed. The original temple could have been an attap shed in this area since long ago, when a piece of land was offered by a person for this temple to be built, to be dedicated to Wen Fu Da Ren. During the urban renewal and this land was being developed by a private company, the Deities of the temple went on a journey throught 6th Ave and then Clementi Ave 4 before returning to its place of origin in Singapore.

This temple continues with its annual celebration on the 3rd and 4th of the 8th Lunar Month.

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