Friday, July 04, 2008

25. Jiu Xian Gong 九玄宫

The Jiu Xian Gong 九玄宫, the shortened name for 九天玄女真仙。俗称玄女妈宫, started in 1928 by the Bai Clan at 7 milestone, Tampines Rd. In 1970, owing to rapid urbanisation, the temple started looking for a more permanent place for the temple. In 1982, a piece of land at Tampines Road was found and in 1985, the temple was built.
Many of the devotees and supporters of the temple are still from the Bai 白 Clan. Today, the temple stood tall at one end of the row of temples along the Old Tampines Road. Recently, further renovation to the temple was made.

This temple's main diety is Jiu Tian Xuan Nv 九天玄女. Jiu Tian Xuan Nv has a very long history and is well known amongst the Chinese people.


Peck Chuan Yong ( said...

Dear Chinatownboy: I am the Secretary of Jiu Xian Gong(九仙宫)。The chinese words posted by you is in-correct, as the name is a registered trademark,we appreciate if you could make changes to it.Top top of that, I wish to furnish you some information about the name for your perusal.
九仙宫is the short form of 九天玄女真仙。俗称玄女妈宫。 Thank you.

chinatownboy said...

Dear Mr. Peck,
Thank you for pointing out the error in my posting. I have made the correction. Please let me know if the short form 九仙宫 is OK with you.

My apologies.

Unknown said...


Can I know the exact address of this temple? Thank you so much.

yuting9 said...

Hi Chinatownboy,

I am a devotee of sintua, Chinese Temples, especially to JiuTian XuanNv. A small little request: I would be very greateful if you could disclose Jiu Xuan Gong Address and time of Deity Consultations as I would like to visit the temple and also bring friends in need of consultation to the temple. As I came to know that the temple is near to Tampines which is very convenience for me to travel. The other JiuTian XuanNv Temple is too far from my place. Thanks for your assistance.
Please reply me at email:

Regards & Good luck to all!