Thursday, September 01, 2005

Chinese Temples in Singapore

In trying to understand the Singapore Chinese heritage, Chinese temples are a great resource and a linkage to our past, present and future. In many ways, the way a Singapore Chinese thinks, he or she is still very much influenced by the Taoist heritage.

The Taoist heritage is a very colourful heritage both in customs and traditions. Many might not be able to comprehend the colours, the noises, the numerous rituals, and the spiritual aspects of the Chinese beliefs. Many practise without full comprehension as well.

With this intrigue, I set forth in search of the richness of these colours and noises in our midst, in the hope of seeking better understanding. Together, I hope to be able to visit every Chinese Taoist Temple and document it here.

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Anonymous said...

do you know a temple call (cheng Teck Sian See Temple) new address in singapore.
It (used to be in 98 Prince Philip Avenue S(158937) )
thank for your help.
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